iPhone 6s Model New From Apple

The Only thing that has changed is "Everything" as so the Apple Corperation says, as this new phone model comes out offering 3D Touch retina display, A9 quad core Cpu, 4k Video Recording, 12 Mp Main Camera with a 5 Mp face cam, Running Ios9 This seems to not only be a update but a game changer in the mobile industry. 

This model is focused on media in all its forms, it has stuck to its roots and enhanced and inovated the way we will now see & hear the future. This technology is sure to set other companies rolling to make better products.

At SkyTree Electronics we look forward to this products release and will start selling these iPhone 6s and 6sPlus as soon as we have them on hand.

For more details about the comming Apple iPhone 6s go to Apple Here

3 steps to buy and iPhone.

You have to be prepared and equipped with right tool when you go to buy an iphone. Equipment needed
a. correct sim card
b. sim tray ejector pin
c. personal hotspot
Step 1. Check you can talk on the handset
Step 2. Reset the phone to erase all contents and settings
Step 3. Activate the phone
You must do it in front of the original seller before you pay for your product
Always ask seller to text you the imei number before you go to buy a phone.
check on this website if the phone is blocked: http://www.lost.amta.org.au/IMEI
check on this website if the phone has activation lock: icloud.com/activationlock
You can alway call us during business hours for any doubt. Good Luck

When you are looking at buying a second hand phone
there is a few traps you need to be aware of.

First we will start with the pre buy check list.
  •     First you want a list of what the phone has. check of each point on that list and make sure it is the phone they say it is.
  •     Check the memory size and make sure it is what the owner says it is, you can check this in settings and storage.
  •     Check the Screen and edges, for lifting or tampering as this could point to problems that may not be there now but could be later.
  •     Check the phone is straight and not bent place it on a flat surface and repeat for other side.
  •     Take a picture make sure the camera works and stores the photo.
  •     Make a voice recording and play it back to make sure both mic and loud speaker work.
  •     Call the phone from your phone and make sure you can hear through the main speaker.

Now you are ready to start the process of buying the phone if every thing check out, the following list needs to be completed.
  •     First thing you do is make the seller make a receipt, make sure they have there full name and signature, this is if the seller try's to claim the phone as stolen through insurance, the phone will become blocked and in that case you would contact the phone brand and say you bought the phone and you have the receipt as prof. This *Should* cover you and make it known that's the reason you are getting the receipt to the seller.
  •     Remove all accounts and sign out of all things in the phone.
  •     Factory reset the phone.
  •     place in a sim card you own and make sure the phone still works.
  •     Pay the seller.

After buying you still have things to do so don't rest yet.
  •     Add your accounts to the phone and make sure they all work
  •     Download your apps you need, banking, music, games ect.
  •     Use the phone as much as you can over the next 24 hours draining the battery and charging it. if the battery is not working so well get it replaced early to prevent other issues. we offer this service in our gold coast store.
  •     Put a case on the phone as it will protect it from falling and breaking.
  •     Put a tempered glass protection on the screen to prevent scratches.

You Could do All of that OR just pop in to our Gold coast store look at our stock and buy with peace of mind that you are dealing with a authorised second hand dealer, that can not only sell you a phone but also offer you a warranty* on  that phone for any issues you may have.

*Warranty is offered at a fee with second hand terms

Can the iPhone 6 and 6 plus bend?

We have all heard it but what is the truth?

Reality is that nothing is invincable even though we would like to think it is.

To protect your iPhone 6 or 6 plus the first thing you should do is put it in a case! This will protect it from most of what life can punish it with, for screen protection get a tempered glass screen protector, you can get both at this shop in surfers parradise For the rest you need to use common scence, dont put your phone in skin tight jeans pockets or in your back pocket mlost cases of phone bends are casued by this.

If you iPhone 6 is suffering from the secret apple feture knowen as "Bend" come in store and we can replace the frame of your iPhone 6 on the spot and make sure you phone is in its correct shape.

Writen By Zion Paton - API web developer

You should not use your phone while it is charging?

This myth comes from the 1990's with horror stories of the phone bursting in to flames or it blowing up like a bomb. the truth is that though past technology had flaws we have been working on it, making it better. Our current technology uses safety cutoffs, making sure you phone can be uesed in any situation.

So low on power its all good pull up a chair plug it in and use it till your heart is content, But be awear that using a phone while charging may cause it to charge slowly, not at all or even still lose charge depending on what you are doing.

Make sure you use saftey approved dedvices to charge your phone, if it is not got a saftey approval then it is not safe!

Feel like you phone is losing charge to fast pop down to our store in surfers parradise and we can sort it out for you.

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To free space in your phone it is best to delete apps.

This is true to degree but not the best idea, the best thing you can do is link your media in to your cloud. Google for android and iTunes for Apple phones. most phones today has 90% of its storage used by personal media (photos and videos) if you transfer the data to your cloud not only do you free your phone of data, but you back up your personal files so you dont ever have to worry about losing them.

https://picasa.google.com/ for android users.

See http://www.apple.com/icloud/ for apple users.

If you still have Data issues then it maybe time to upgrade your phone, or get a bigger micro SD card for eather option just pop in to out store in surfers parradise.

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To save battery and make your phone run faster Close all apps.

This may sound correct in theroy but the truth is that by closing all your apps it takes longer to start them again. What happens is first when you close a app it deleted the data on your ram for that app, then closes all threads for it on the CPU. now you app is closed. to start it again it has to open all threads it needs on the CPU load all relervent data to the ram and then start opening sockets of it requires internet. This strain takes more out of your phone than just leaving them on.

So the rule of thumb is if you are not going to use it again in the next 3 hours close the app other wise you should just leave it as the app when idel goes in to a sort of hybernating mode where the data in the ram remains, sokets remain avalible and threads on the cpu are kept clear for it.

If you really want your batery to last longer come in to Skytree in surfers paridies and get a battery upgrade costs start at $35 and goes up to $55.

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Whats with mobile application permissions and security?

All mobile app's require some access to your phone for it to work, but how much is to much? most app's only ask for internet, camera and incoming calls. These permissions can usually be explained simply but what happens when the app starts asking for use of your mic, or use of your contacts lists? it may seem sketchy at start but to explain this the best we can look at the process of listing a app on the app store. First the app needs to be complete and be listed on the store (apple has a extensive criteria and they do a large testing phase to see if the app works, Google has a less extensive test) so now the app is listed online and people start to download and rate it, this is your biggest tell to see if the app is trust worthy. read a few comments before downloading and if every one is complaining about speed issues and not opening in phone then it is best to avoid the app. Theses problems are usually the app is a trojan (Hiding a program under the program) or is poorly made.

So before avoiding a app just because it asks to use some of your features of your phone, Just remember that in most cases it is because it really needs them to work. For example Facebook messenger app needs to see your contacts list so you can make a Facebook call to them.

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Can a App  secretly record your  phone calls?

Rule 1 of App's Every app is a Island, this means that no App can interact with any other app.

The App that has access to your mic needs a few conditions for it to be possable to record your phone calls. First is it needs to be on, no app can run anything with out it been running in the forground or the backround. Now the app needs a VIOP plugin installed in to the app that requires an extra 10Mb in the program, most apps are built around sevral plugins that use your phones features. The app also needs to be linked to a server with ALOT of memory 1 song in your phone is 10Mb, if you say that a song = 1 phone convosation and you make around 10 a day with a app that has over 1 million downloads that equals 100 Terabytes of data a day. That has the ability to save the audio In my opinion it is to expensive to run a application like that due to the bandwidth around $20Million USD a Year in worth. just like it costs you to use the internet on your phone it costs the developer to run the internet on their server.

In conclusion it is possable to do it, it is very unlikly that it would be done.

Writen By Zion Paton - API web developer

S6 black Samsung
From Samsung

The latest from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers a 5.1-inch Quad HD touch display that's twice as clear as the regular Full HD screen.

With a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, this Super AMOLED display has two additional screens to use two functions simultaneously. The screen is made of next-generation Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge's internal hardware comprises of a powerful SoC with 64-bit 14nm architecture.

The chip comes with an Octa-core CPU featuring four (Quad) 2.1GHz core and four (Quad) 1.5GHz core processors. Its internal 32GB ROM has Google's Android OS v5.0 (Lollipop) preloaded. On the outside, the phone boasts a powerful 16MP rear image sensor with AF, Live HDR and Optical Image Stabilization. Furthermore, there's a 5MP front cam for some great selfies for your social networks.

Other notable features and specs of the Galaxy S6 Edge are - 4G network compatibility, LTE support, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Mobile hotspot, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, IR Remote, microUSB interface, 577ppi pixel density for screen, 7mm thin profile, accelerometer, light sensor, gyroscope, proximity, geo-magnetic sensor, barometer, fingerprint sensor, hall sensor, heart rate monitor, Download Booster, S Health 4.0, Samsung Play, Smart Manager, Microsoft One Drive/OneNote, Sound Alive+, S Finder, S Voice, Google integration + Chrome, Ultra Power Saving mode and a 2600mAh battery supporting wireless charging.

Come in to our store today and check it out