What to Know Before Selling iPhone- Essential tips to know!

What to Know Before Selling iPhone- Essential tips to know!

Selling a used iPhone or passing it on to a relative or friend requires specific care on the device to protect the data. See how to erase iPhone data!The price of an iPhone is much higher than the economic capacity of a large part of the population. Buying a used iPhone is a way to have an Apple product without having to sacrifice the bank balance!Selling an iPhone also makes it easier to buy other, more advanced models. But if anyone thinking about iPhone for sale on the gold coast, everyone has to be careful not to leave any personal information on the device or leave it locked in iCloud.

What to do before selling the iPhone?

Read below to know how to erase the used iPhone before selling or gifting it. To completely wipe the device and remove all the personal information from it, follow these steps:

Unpair Apple Watch

First of all, if you have an Apple Watch paired with your iPhone, you need to unpair it. Always restore it to the same point when syncing with the next iPhone.

Back up the device

Before erasing the contents of the device, backup is required. So, no one loses anything and can reinstall everything on a future iPhone.

Turn off “Find My iPhone”

Here everyone can see the process of disconnecting the accounts from the device. It is important that do not manually delete anything before disconnecting from iCloud. Otherwise what anyone deletes will also be deleted in the cloud.

Firstly, Find My iPhone” in Settings, and disconnect the accounts. With this, the next user who receives the device will not face any problems.

The user will only disable this feature if they remember the iCloud password. It ensures that no one can turn it off without your consent.

Disconnect iCloud and App Store accounts

Open iOS Settings > go to the Apple ID section and log out of iCloud and your App Store account.

Erase iPhone

It’s time to erase everything on your iPhone. Go back to Settings and tap General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase Content and Settings. Wait for the entire process to complete and restart the device by itself. After that, it will be ready.

Why do people buy iPhone (even if it is second-hand)?

iPhone justifies itself. Everyone who once used the “Apple” most likely will never switch to android. But suppose anyone doesn’t have much money, what do they do? They will search the internet and find out who has already sold their phone at the best iPhone for sale service on the gold coast.

Read below to know some advantages of the iPhone-

  1. Build quality- The iPhone is easy to distinguish from Chinese crafts. It is enough to hold the device in hand. Therefore, the quality of the material in this gadget is at the highest level.
  2. Good service- Experts say that no company has such excellent service as Apple. Perhaps that is why this corporation is still among the world leaders in sales.
  3. Great life cycle- When anyone buys an iPhone, they don’t have to change it after a year. The big plus is that the iPhone is constantly updated. So in a few years, everyone will use the operating system tolerably and will not feel serious shortcomings.
  4. Waterproof- The iPhone is not afraid of water, so this is another huge plus. After all, no one knows when you get caught in a downpour or a child can drown a gadget in a pond.
  5. Easy to sell- The iPhone is an investment in the future iPhone. After all, a used Apple gadget is always easier to sell than any android device.
  6. Accessories- Many accessories are sold for this Smartphone. There are a huge number of them and they are sold in many stores. It is convenient and practical.

For this reason, everyone wants to buy iPhone even if it is second-hand.

How to choose a reliable platform to sell the iPhone?

  • With a trusted platform, you will not pay commissions to third parties, the money is 100% yours. Directly sell your used iPhone and avoid commissions of up to 15% from trusted buying and selling platforms.
  • No waiting, no need to negotiate the price or depend on other people.
  • The best platform takes care of the cost of collecting your iPhone, with certified and insured shipments.
  • Always deal with a professional and recognized company, not with strangers or unknowns.
  • 100% safe and legal purchase process, through a purchase-sale contract.
  • The best platform will not claim possible malfunctions in the used iPhone. On the other hand, in sales between individuals, everyone will have to give a 6-month guarantee as a seller.
  • No one has to worry about the data on your used iPhone as they promise to restore it to its initial settings.
  • Everyone can give the used iPhone as part of the payment for the purchase of any equipment.

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How to estimate the price of an iPhone?

The resale price of an iPhone depends on the model, storage capacity, and condition.

Where to sell your iPhone?

You can sell your iPhone to Manufacturers, operators, and refurbished phone specialists.

How to estimate the state of my iPhone?

Apple phones are the most sought after and therefore they will be able to sell for a good price despite some external flaws. Broken screen or scratches will weigh less on the recovery price than operating problems.