Is a used iPhone worth it? See tips to avoid getting scammed

Is a used iPhone worth it? See tips to avoid getting scammed

Do you know how to evaluate a used iPhone? Every year, Apple launches a new line of iPhones that fills store shelves and wins over many users. However, always changing your cell phone is not a very economical option, especially for those on a limited budget, and, therefore, purchasing a pre-owned device is a very viable alternative.

However, before buying a used iPhone, you need to pay attention to some details of the website who are giving the option “Mobile phones for sale Sydney”. It is necessary to keep an eye on the condition of the device as a whole, in addition to testing some of its main functions to make sure that everything is working correctly. This can be a good alternative for those who want to use an iPhone but have a limited budget.

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How to analyze a used iPhone?

Apple smartphones tend to have a high price, and a used iPhone may be the cheapest alternative. However, many factors must be taken into consideration before purchasing to avoid being deceived.

So, see how to analyze a used iPhone and what we should consider:

[1] Condition of the used iPhone

The first thing you should observe is the condition of the cell phone. Because it is used, it may certainly present some marks, such as scratches, stains, or even cracks. However, the condition of the used iPhone must be minimally preserved to make the purchase worthwhile.

Pay attention to details such as the sides of the cell phone, headphone jack, and chip. The best option is to have your cell phone in hand and evaluate all these questions.

[2] Analyze the price and compare it with new ones

At first, the offer for a used iPhone may seem tempting. However, it is important to check whether the price matches the product. Often, it is a much lower generation, with a price higher than what the device offers.

Furthermore, several models have their costs reduced with new launches, and can even compensate for the purchase of a new cell phone directly in the store. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the proposal and check whether the product is within the price range of the category.

[3] iPhone Battery Health

Cell phones with reduced charging capacity can cause problems for the new owner. Therefore, it is essential to check the health of your iPhone battery before purchasing. Ideally, the battery should be above 80% capacity.

[4] Has the used iPhone ever suffered any type of damage?

Before closing a deal, check whether the used iPhone has suffered any significant damage, such as drops or cracks. This can affect the quality of the device and some basic functions, such as screen sensitivity, damaging your experience with the cell phone. Another important tip is to find out if all the parts in the iPhone are original.

[5] Check the device's service code

Few people know, but smartphones have a function called device service code. It allows you to test different functions, such as:

  • Touch screen
  • Speaker
  • Camera
  • Vibration
  • Sensors

Therefore, it is worth accessing and testing these questions before buying a used iPhone. The service code is *#0*#, which is even the same for other operating systems, such as Android. If you ever need to know your cell phone's IMEI, just type the sequence *#06#.

[6] Check that the phone has not been stolen

Finally, before buying a used iPhone, it is essential to check its origin. Make sure it is not a stolen product, especially if the price is well below average. Another tip is to confirm that the cell phone is original and is not a cheaper imitation. If you need to know the IMEI number to track this issue, use the tip we gave in the last item.

[7] Where to buy used iPhone

Think carefully about where to buy a used iPhone, the reputation of the seller is very important. Choose well-rated sellers, well-known people, or even trustworthy websites. There are websites of large companies that sell used iPhones.

How do you know if your iPhone is original?

One thing to be careful about when buying a used iPhone is to check whether it is original. This check can be done in a few ways, such as checking IMEI and serial numbers. Furthermore, it is worth checking whether there is the presence of the Siri virtual assistant, Home Button, or Touch ID.

It is also worth looking carefully at the finish of the used iPhone. Does the material used look like standard Apple quality? When opening the device's camera, does the image seem of good quality? These are small details that can also help when it comes to knowing if the iPhone is original.

A common but effective way is to consult the product's invoice. In addition to preventing the iPhone from being stolen, you can also check whether the product is original. However, be careful with documents that may be fraudulent.

Always try to write down the numbers present on the establishment's invoice to carry out a separate search. And remember that it's not worth buying an iPhone without a receipt. It’s a high risk if you're not buying from someone close to you.

Advantages of Used iPhone:-

  • Affordability:In fact, affordability is the biggest benefit of purchasing a used iPhone. Although the new models are impressive, in many cases a device that is used can be more cost-effective for the user.
  • Cell phones have good resale:The iPhone doesn't tend to depreciate that much. Although some prices are not very affordable here in the country, used iPhones tend to be popular and, if you want to resell it in the future, you can get a good return.

Is it worth buying a used iPhone?

If you want to have an iOS device, but don't have a high budget, buying a used iPhone can be a good alternative. But avoid the risks of buying a used iPhone from just anyone. Now that you know how to evaluate a used iPhone, take the opportunity to visit SkyTree Phones, where you have a safe environment to purchase the device you want at a good price and quality. Also if your iPhone screen is broken, we offer iPhone screen replacement in Gold Coast.

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