Second hand iPhones: is it worth buying?

Second hand iPhones: is it worth buying?

Have anyone ever thought about buying a used iPhone? Before making this decision, some factors must be evaluated. To know about this option, read this blog before purchasing second hand iPhones in Brisbane. This can be a good alternative for those who want to enjoy an iPhone but have a limited budget.

If anyone going to buy a used iPhone, it is important to pay attention to a few points before making the purchase. Know what to evaluate on the device and how to know if the iPhone is genuine.  Read below to know more in detail.

What to consider when buying a used iPhone?

Apple smartphones tend to have a high price tag, but a used iPhone can be the cheapest alternative. However, many factors must be taken into account before purchasing so as not to be deceived.

So here’s what to consider when searching for a used iPhone:

Conservation state

The first thing should look at is the cell phone’s condition. Because it is used, it can certainly present some marks, such as scratches, stains, or even cracks. However, the state of the used iPhone must be minimally preserved to compensate for the purchase.

Pay attention to details such as the sides of the phone, headphone jack, and SIM card. The idea is to have the cell phone in hand and evaluate all these questions.

Analyze the price and compare it with the new ones

At first glance, the used iPhone offer may seem tempting. However, it is important to verify that the value matches the product. Often, this is a much lower generation, with a higher price than what the device offers.

In addition, several models have their costs reduced with new releases, and can even compensate for the purchase of a new cell phone directly in the store. One such example is the iPhone XR, which still manages to update to the latest version of the operating system, iOS 15.

Thus, it is essential to analyze the proposal and check if the product is in the price range of the category.

iPhone battery health

Cell phones with reduced charging capacity can bring problems for the new owner. Therefore, it is essential to check the health of the iPhone battery before purchasing. Ideally, the battery should be above 80% capacity. iPhones from other generations may have differences in this regard.

To know the iPhone battery used, just access the menu in “Settings” > “Battery” > “Battery Health”. The screen will be able to give an estimate of how much of the battery is left.

Has the used iPhone ever suffered any kind of damage?

Before closing the deal, check if the used iPhone has already suffered any type of significant damage, such as drops or cracks. This can affect the quality of the device and some basic functions, such as screen sensitivity, harming the mobile experience.

Another important tip is to find out if all the parts that are on the iPhone are original. For example, the current owner of the cell phone may have exchanged the original screen, which was cracked, for a new, second-line one.

Check the device’s service code

Smartphones have a function called device service code. It allows testing various functions, such as:

  1. Touch screen
  2. Speaker
  3. Camera
  4. Vibration
  5. Sensors

Thus, it is worth accessing and testing these questions before buying second hand iPhones in Brisbane. The service code is *#0*#, including being the same for other operating systems, such as Android. Even if you ever need to know the cell phone’s IMEI, just type the sequence *#06#.

Verify that the phone has not been stolen

Finally, before buying a used iPhone, it is essential to check its origin. Make sure it’s not a stolen product, especially if the price is way below average. Another tip is to confirm that the cell phone is original and not a cheaper imitation. The reputation of the seller is also very important: prefer well-rated sellers, known people, or even trusted sites.

Is it worth buying a used iPhone?

If anyone want an iOS device but don’t have a big budget, buying a used iPhone can be a good alternative. However, it is important to analyze factors such as device status and price range.

In some cases, it may be worth looking for an old iPhone, which has a lower value, and has a store warranty and factory support, for example.

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Where to buy a used iPhone?

To ensure that the purchase a quality device with a very low risk of defects, it is important to purchase it from stores that specialize in the sale of used iPhones or even those authorized by Apple itself.

Does a used iPhone have a warranty?

There may be a warranty for this type of device, especially when purchased at stores specializing in second-hand smartphones or Apple-authorized stores.

What are the best iPhone models?

This answer will depend on what people looking for. It is necessary to keep in mind that with each new release, an older model loses value and becomes more outdated. For example, when the iPhone X came out, the 6 and 6S started to lag. Likewise, when the iPhone 11 was released, the previous ones lost value and the used iPhone X became cheaper.

Therefore, always buy recent models. This is because old models don’t update their software.

Is the used iPhone cheaper?

The used iPhone will be a good value for money. That’s because you will have access to very high-quality equipment at a lower price than a new one.

Is it worth buying a used iPhone?

The answer to the question is yes! If anyone want to acquire high-performance equipment at a lower price than the latest releases. However, it is worth remembering again the importance of observing the points that we mentioned in this blog, such as the guarantee and the choice of stores and specialized establishments.