Selling used Smartphone? Remember these 12 tips

Selling used Smartphone? Remember these 12 tips

Selling the used cell phone can be an excellent option when changing smartphones. With this, a person can acquire a considerable percentage of the purchase value of the new device and still guarantee a sustainable consumption action.

So, are you thinking about “how to sell my phone for cash today?” Don’t worry! There are various mobile selling websites on Google. Through a website, the person can sell their used cell phone in lucrative price.

Therefore, before selling the old smart phone, follow the below points carefully.

Why sell the used cell phone?

There are three main reasons:

  1. They will guarantee good value for the old device to reinvest in the new Smartphone.
  2. It also has the advantage of being a safe sale, from which a person know they will receive the fair value and with free shipping.
  3. They give a new life to the used cell phone and ensure that it does not become electronic waste, contributing to sustainability.

Therefore, by selling the used cell phone, everyone will be making sure that the device will have a correct destination, and contributing to the well-being of the environment.

How to sell the used cell phone?

1. Set the goals

Would anyone rather have a hassle-free experience or get as much money as can, no matter how painful the process is? There are many ways to sell devices these days, and they offer different levels of ease or value. However, the person will have to take into account the time they want to invest in the transaction.

2. Consider the timing

The new version of the phone is still wandering in the land of rumors. Or maybe it’s just been announced but not yet released. In either case, time can be very important here. Once the new generation model arrives, the old one can go down in value very quickly. So, take the time and consider some options, but don’t take too long. Those months of indecision can end up costing you dearly.

3. Search prices

Always know the value of the old model before searching to sell my phone for cash today. Although everyone may want the full price for the device, in most cases they will likely have to set a slightly lower value.

4.Set a pay-only shipping policy

Expect to have the money in hand or account so the person can send the product to the buyer, especially in cases of online buying and selling. There are several cases of people making deposits with empty envelopes, and many other types of scams that can turn the beautiful old Smartphone into a ghost of your past. So, always read the service policy carefully.

5. Back up mobile phone data

After backing up the data, clear all data and restore it. Even if the phone owner doesn’t know how to do it, they can ask the store staff who specialize in second-hand mobile phone sales to help with the on-site operation.

6. Format the device!

Do not hand over email accounts, appointments, tasks, and other sensitive data to a stranger. Of course, everyone wants to back up or transfer all data. But when this task is done, not only get rid of all those accounts outside the device but also do a complete factory data reset. There are apps for that or you can do it directly from the configuration screen of the device.

7. Update the Operating System

After formatting the device, install the latest version of the device’s OS so that the new owner sees the model at its best and as new as possible.

8. Thoroughly clean the outside of the device

There are numerous electronic appliance cleaning kits that anyone can use. Buy a kit and clean it from top to bottom. Taking out all those chocolate chips that used to eat while using the device!

9. Always use a protective cover and film

Who likes scratched cell phones? Nobody. The only way to avoid scratches is to protect the device with specific covers and protective films. The cell phone will be highly valued with this very simple care.

10. Do not lie about the status of the device

Before selling the device, be honest about what has already happened with the device. Because if the person discovers the defect before you speak, they will greatly devalue the device. Also, they do not choose to cancel the purchase.

11. Further inspection of the mobile phone

Through functional inspection, confirm the function and appearance one by one. Although it is a second-hand mobile phone, the majority of consumers do not want to buy a defective condition. So before selling, take care of every little link!

12. Fill in the store purchase and sale transaction information

This contract is a way to protect the owner and prove that the phone has been resold to the store for processing. At the same time, this information will never be leaked. It is mainly used to confirm that the owner sells the mobile phone. In the future, even if there is a defect, the store will be responsible for it.

Finally, the process of selling second-hand mobile phones is completed, and finally, the happiest point is to collect cash!

Final considerations

Don’t expect to get a lot of money for a used cell phone. These devices are updated very frequently and therefore quickly lose value. However, it can become a great trading currency if you are patient and find the right market for it.

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In the end, we wish you the best of luck in your sale, as you will need some.