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Here at Sky Tree Electronics, the leading iPhone and Samsung Galaxy repair centre on the Gold Coast, we understand how important smartphones and tablets are to our customers’ daily lives. That’s why we work diligently to ensure every customer has a working phone when they leave our repair centre here in the heart of Surfers Paradise.

Cheapest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy repair prices on the Gold Coast

By working smartly and efficiently, not only do we set ourselves apart from our competitors, we are able to offer the cheapest repair prices on the Gold Coast – meaning even those on a tight budget can get their phone repaired. We’re also able to finish our repairs within minutes, not hours. While all the time, making sure not to sacrifice the quality of our repair work or replacement services.

Over 10 years of experience

Using parts sourced only here in Australia, our dedicated and trusted team of skilled technicians have over ten years of combined experience and can diagnose and fix all mobile phone issues.

Why your phone might need fixing

There can be several reasons why your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy mobile phone may not be performing at its best and need fixings, but it usually comes down to one of these reasons,

  • Cracked or broken screen
  • The phone is not charging
  • The power button won’t work
  • Problems with the home button
  • It’s suffering from water damage

These are all easily fixed in no time by our highly experienced team here at Sky Tree Electronics.

Cracked or damaged screen

By far one of the most common of all fixes, but there’s no reason for you to walk around with a damaged screen, particularly as leaving your mobile phone with a cracked or broken screen can lead to more internal damage.

Our iPhone and Samsung Galaxy screen replacement service take as little as just 30 minutes, feel free to wait with us in-store while the repairs are completed or leave your smartphone and come back later to collect it.

And for your total peace of mind, all our Apple iPhone screen replacements come with a 6-months warranty, while all Samsung replacement screens are original and come with a 1-year warranty.

We can replace screens on most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models, including the iPhone 5/6/78/X/XS/XR and the Galaxy S6/7/8/9 /10/Note 5 and Note 9.

The phone is not charging

Like having a cracked or broken screen, problems with a phone not charging are very common for several reasons. For example, if the charger has been jammed into the port, the wrong charging cable has been used, or the charging cable has been twisted when not in use, in either instance, this can cause the charger point to break off and get stuck inside the port.

Fortunately, this type of repair is rare. Still, this is a sensitive issue. So we always advise our customers not to try any DIY methods but bring their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy into the repair centre here in the heart of Surfers Paradise for examination. In most instances, there is a need to open the phone and replace the charging port.

The power button won’t work

Whilst it’s the least likely to be used, the power button still has the potential to become damaged. So when a device freezes, dies or needs to restart your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you’ll need this button because you will have a mobile phone that does not work without it. But don’t worry, the experienced team here at Sky Tree Electronics can soon have you fixed and back up and running in no time.

Problems with the home button

Most iPhones or Samsung Galaxy models have a screen that fits the entire face of the device along with a ‘Home’ button. Most people probably think they don’t actually need this button until it stops working. But if this does happen, it means it’s not possible to navigate through the phone. It’s a problem that our technicians here at Sky Tree Electronics are very familiar with and can quickly remedy in no time.

It’s suffering from water damage

Because our customers are always on the move and take their iPhone 12 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S21 everywhere they go, the risk of dropping the phone into water or other liquid increases.

If this happens, the first thing we advise is to unplug the phone and turn it off. Then, resist any of the so-called DIY ideas like popping it in the tumble dryer or using the dishwasher drying method, and whatever you do, leave the rice as a side dish on the dinner table. Instead, make your way down to us here at Sky Tree Electronics and let our experienced team arrange to have your phone dried and cleaned.

Try to avoid costly repairs

It doesn’t matter how diligent we are because we’re constantly picking up our phones and putting them down; they can’t help but become a magnet to dust, dirt and debris. So it’s easy for tiny specks of dust, dirt or other debris to scratch the screen and case or enter the phone’s small ports and penetrate it from there, which, if not checked, can result in a lot of issues.

We always advise our customers that one way to avoid costly repairs is to keep them clean. However, all iPhones and Samsung Galaxy mobile phones are highly delicate and need to be handled with care. By executing the wrong move whilst cleaning your phone, you can easily cause damage, and could also ruin it for good. So if you’ve got any questions about how to keep your phone looking its best, pop into our repair centre and talk to the team; they’re always happy to help.

Talk to us today

Keeping our customers happy and their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy mobile phone in top-notch working order is vitally important to us here at Sky Tree Electronics. So if you’ve got any problems with your phone, come in anytime, we’re at Surfers Paradise Boulevard, open from 9.30 – 6.30 Monday to Saturday (Sunday by appointment only) or speak to one of our friendly customer support specialists on 0450 04 04 04 for an immediate quote.

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